Random Thoughts for the Weekend

1. I have a theory. After thinking about the Nashville Statement and all the virulent reaction to its being released, I think the primary issue around sexuality and same sex issues is suffering. Not being able to indulge involves suffering. Saying “no” involves suffering. And we live in a culture where suffering is to be avoided at all costs. It’s the theologically liberal version of the prosperity gospel that says, “God does not want you to suffer, so be whatever you want to be.” There are other issues to be sure, but this I have yet to hear much about.

2. Politics aside, I now prefer corn tortillas over flour.

3. Yesterday, while my students worked on an assignment, I sat outside and talked with another teacher about Blues and Jazz records. It was the polar opposite of my previous job.

4. Coffee on a clear cool September Saturday morning with nowhere to be.

5. A desire to be seen as edgy or cool will eventually lead to error. 

6. I need a good fiction book. Please leave recommendations in comments.

7. A couple weeks ago, it got really hot and there was talk of climate change. Now it’s unseasonably cool in Alabama and the same thing is being said. If any argument is rigged, it’s this one.

8. Every now and then a band shows up on your radar and they are so unlikely. Unlikely to hold your attention. Unlikely to be a hit. But even so, you cannot stop listening along with many others. That’s what it was like with The War On Drugs last album, Lost In A Dream. It’s a desert-island disc. So I thought there was no way their newest offering would measure up. But it has and then some. A Deeper Understanding is the long-awaited follow up. There is an orchestration to these songs that may have as much in common with symphonies as with Dylan, who Adam Granducial sounds like and Springsteen, who he is inspired by. From beginning to end, I have no complaint.

9. Do you remember that scene in Pride and Prejudice where Jane is telling Lizzy about her joy in getting engaged. She says she wishes everyone could experience the joy she is experiencing. One of the effects of loving my job is wishing others could also experience that. It is now very hard to hear others talk of the misery they experience in their work.

10. Last weekend, the wife and I drove to the beach to be with good friends. No offense to my friends but the best part was riding down and back with her alone.