Random Thoughts for the Weekend

1. We should be constantly amazed that Jesus as King is always providing unending life to those who were his enemies. And to those who are still his enemies.

2. Most of the Scriptures are calculated to convince us God will provide and care for us even though we cannot see him. Which is why we hear the refrain over and over, “Do not be afraid.”

3. Fill yourself with songs and passages that will sustain you if you are ever imprisoned for your faith. That way, even if you are never imprisoned, you still have them when life does not go the way you think it should.

4. I keep thinking about Paul’s statement, “In him (Christ) are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” So, you want wisdom? Go to Christ in the Scriptures. You want knowledge? There are treasures of knowledge in Jesus.

5. Old music can be just as good for you as old books when it comes to help in thinking differently about the world around you.

6. I’ve been reading these missionary biographies that were written for kids – one right after the other – for a few weeks now. The stories and the books themselves are reminders that I do not need a sophisticated faith.

7. In a chaotic world, where people rarely listen, only react, “Let your reasonableness be known to everyone,” is brilliant teaching…brilliant in many ways.

8. I would like a life that does not make much sense without prayer.

9. Jesus rarely, if ever, did anything the way I would have done them.

10. It is no small thing to believe Christ is your shepherd. But small things will keep you from believing it.

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