Random Thoughts for the Weekend

  1. All meaningful relationships require effort, even our relationship with Jesus.

2. As a follower of Jesus, I love listening to songs about Jesus. And not just vague songs about Jesus. I like the songs that toe the line between brilliant poetry and corny and almost cheesy, because that’s a risk worth taking. I do prefer those songs to have a punk rock edge, though. Or sound like they have the hills underneath them.

3. Complaining can kinda make me feel good. But what really does me good and makes me feel good is when I think about complaining and then decide to not do it.

4. All Creatures Great and Small is the best thing on TV.

5. The hardest part of marriage counseling is the speck is larger than the log.

6. Stop using résumés for hiring pastors.

7. I’d like to stay at Tom Bombadil’s house and listen to Goldberry sing.

8. I have not missed Twitter at all, which has surprised me.

9. I love that Jesus is never in a hurry.

10. Christian schools/churches seem to not understand that the way they treat their employees and staff is an education about the kingdom of God and the kingdoms of this world. They are teaching the children in their charge what they really believe about the gospel.

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