1. Looks like they might have actually found the tomb of St. Philip.

2. I literally nerded out when I learned the man who played Cornelius Fudge in Harry Potter was a student of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien.

3. I miss Michael Spencer and am thankful for such posts as this. (Ducking.)

4. John Stott has gone on ahead of us. Here is a good short tribute.

5. A friend of mine has started a new “mom blog.” Go give her some blog love, moms.

6. I’m not a prophet or the son of one but the day I bought Adele’s 21, I told all of you it would be the album of the year. And…

7. A feel good baseball story for ya.

8. Tonight my wife and I will be going to see the last Harry Potter movie. Watch this video of my former seminary professor, Jerram Barrs talk about the redemptive themes of the story.

9. Speaking my former Seminary – which I think is singular – Check out the Worldwide Classroom and you can “take” the classes there for free. I paid thousands and they were worth every penny.

10. “Being Radical for Jesus Is Boring.”

That Day

We were living in St. Louis so I could attend Covenant Seminary. I remember walking out of the classroom in the library and Mark Winton telling us. Kirk Adkisson might have been with me. Mark didn’t get all the information right but he was mostly right. The fact he was an Army Ranger made it feel more serious in all our present ignorance. He could snap us like a twig. And he looked scared.

Classes were suspended. Or maybe I just left. I just wanted to be with Bethany. I called her. Bethany was being sent home. We only had one car so I went to pick her up, listening to KMOX all the way. It was time for Rush Limbaugh but I do not remember him being on. We got home and immediately turned on CBS News because we did not have cable. For better or worse, Dan Rather is a huge part of that day’s images.

We cried long and slow tears that day as we silently watched the footage of planes colliding with steel and glass, flesh and bone. Newscasters were not able to contain their emotion. That may be the thing that told me this was different. Different from anything I had seen before.

I think I smiled once while watching the footage and Bethany asked why. It had nothing to do with happiness. It was the smile of a boy seeing something new and different and a thing of awe and horror. I can no more explain it than I could explain physics.

We sat there for hours before we decided we needed to get out. Late in the afternoon we put our bikes on the bike rack and drove west of the city and rode the Katy Trail for miles. It was beautiful and possibly the best thing we could have done. The silence and solitude, replete with late summer and early fall’s collision calmed us.

The phrase, “This changes everything” was constantly with me.