Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. My first generation iPhone still works.

2. Going to see Patty Griffin this Friday. Not sure if you knew that.

3.Ummm, if you think those protestors are right about Wall Street, can I have all the stuff you own because of rich Wall Street bankers? You should probably get rid of your stuff. Thanks.

4. My first ipod had 64 GB. My first computer had about 500 MB and it was only 5 years older.

5. When my wife goes into the kitchen to cook some kind of magic happens and life becomes more awesome.

6. Last night I was retweeted by Dale Murphy, a childhood hero. No big deal, I will never wash my Twitter stream again.

7. Some pastor will will probably tweet something from his iPhone about idol worship and Steve Jobs.

8. I wonder if bacon thinks I’m awesome too.

9. If you would have told me a couple of months ago I would know what I know now about banking and the world of finance, I would have laughed in your face.

10. God, Family, Meat, Country.

Random Thoughts for Thursday

1. Dale Murphy is following me on twitter. He sent me a message to let me know, you know, cause we are friends. On twitter, but still.

2. Wal-Mart’s bacon is not all that good. This is in comparison to other bacon. Compared to every other food it still rules.

3. A friend asked me if I would remember them when I make it big and my book is picked to be part of Oprah’s book club. I just can’t remember that friend’s name.

4. I dreamed about Van Halen the other night. Diamond Dave offered me hors d’oeuvres. Great dream.

5. I can’t believe Dale Murphy is not in the Hall of Fame. I also cannot believe they are making another Pirates of the Caribbean movie. No justice in this world.

6. So, the Rapture is happening on Saturday. What do you wear for such an event?

7. I’m pretty excited about the check coming from my cousin, Fjrfbebverkb in Holland. Thankfully, all I had to do was give him my SS#.

8. If everyone is a missionary, how come plumbers never speak at missions conferences?

9. My 2 year old wakes up everyone around 6:15 screaming “MAAAAAHHHHMEEEEE!” As if his getting out of the crib is a matter of life and death. My wife takes it personally.

10. I know you don’t think the stuff that happened in the movie Signs could be real. But you need to know we have glasses of water everywhere in our house.