Some Thoughts On The King’s Speech

1. Never has a movie had such catharsis for me. My stuttering and stammering problem has never been as bad as his was. But I know that frustration intimately.

2. I can think of no major motion picture with better acting.

3. He could speak without stuttering while music was playing. I can preach or speak to any number of people and never stutter or stammer. But if you ask me to do announcements, I’m in terrible shape.

4. Now, we have two great movies with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.

5. I’m not foolish enough to think those who have never had a speech impediment cannot glean much from this film. But they cannot understand how powerful this story is for those of us who often feel trapped in the inability to form the words which are bursting to escape.

6. The subplots of marriage and friendship and sibling rivalry and class and leadership are genius.

7. The set and script and story are like a holy trinity of beauty.

8. I cried so much the girl next to me was probably wondering what my problem was.

9. The same struggles inhabit the hearts and minds… and mouths of royalty and the rest of us.

10. I left feeling speechless. Literally.