Occupiers and Borders

Just a few thoughts, not a thesis…

I just read an article about the actress, Emma Thompson – whom I love – and her desire for a ban on Israeli theater over “Illegal Colonization of Occupied Land.” And my first thought was, “I wonder how she feels about the Occupy Movement here in the States.” I mean, why would a liberal be upset over the illegal occupation of Israel but not an Illegal occupation of a park over here?

Some defiant occupying is good and some is bad.

I know what you are thinking. Countries are different than parks. They are more important, right? I agree. So then I thought, “Liberals do not really think this is the case, though. Everyone is bothered when someone breaks into your house. We call the police and expect someone to be punished. Shouldn’t the same kind of thinking be applied to our country and its borders.  Why is our personal space off limits but our borders are porous?

When such thinking is so selective, we can only hope we are the ones selected.

Just a few thoughts.

Tuesday’s 10: Thoughts About The Occupy Wall Street Protestors

I have more thoughts than these but well it’s Tuesday, so I am limited to only ten.

1. Free Market Capitalism with lower taxes for everyone is social justice.

2. “People before profits” was most likely the mission statement of Solyndra. And you the people footed the bill.

3. Funny how those who want to redistribute income and not pay their bills are not being accused of greed.

4.  Every really good pizza place cares about profits. Do you need another argument about the goodness of profit?

5. You think capitalism is bad, huh? You got an alternative? Monarchy? Socialism? Communism? Anarchy?

6. I would take seriously the concerns about corporations being in bed with politicians if I wasn’t so concerned the alternative would be for politicians to be enemies of corporations.

7. If my boss is not driven by profit to some degree, I don’t have a job and my family doesn’t eat. I consider my family to be “people” strangely enough.

8. Isn’t universal free healthcare an example of politicians being in bed with corporations?

9. Wait a second…”Free Bacon For All!!!”

10. I don’t like it when people try to turn the church into a business. And vice versa.