Random Thoughts

1. There’s needs to be some blood in the game. In today’s world, the message will be far more easily drowned out by all the props and other “gospels.” They need to know you have and do lean hard into it. It has to have at the very least been the only good news you had at one time. And then? You came out on the other side trusting more. There has to be blood in the game.

2. I can’t tell the difference anymore between normal programming and Olympic coverage.

3. I’m not very handy around the house. I wish I was better with power tools than I am. At 44 years old I’ve learned it’s better for me to just be on friendly terms with a guy who repairs them cheap and quick.

4. I started teaching Romans last week in my Sunday School class. The night before I woke in a cold sweat because I was afraid no one would come. About a hundred showed up which would’ve caused the same if I’d known.

5. I’m at that point of the year where Fall feels close. But it’s a false feeling because I live in Alabama and it won’t really feel like Fall till Late October.

6. You weren’t created to take in all the tragedy, causes, and concerns that are constantly hitting you up for emotional responses on social media. 

7. I’m not good with simple tools either.

8. I rooted against Usain Bolt because I never want my kids to think loving the spotlight like that is okay.

9. I love being at home.

10. Laughing with Bethany is my favorite.

Random Thoughts

1. The television and it’s images, caring nothing for you, asks nothing of you except your devotion and your money.

2. On Sunday mornings I will begin teaching through the book of Romans. Stronger than armies, Paul’s letter always leaves hearts and minds changed in its wake. Some for faith. Some hearts are hardened. But always changed. 

3. Who told you numbers were the final measurement?

4. For the first time in a long while we took a family vacation and came out on the other side, rested. I woke up early each morning. Made coffee. Sat on our deck overlooking the Gulf. Drank said coffee. Enjoyed the sea air. Listened to the waves. Read the Count of Monte Cristo. Listened to Springsteen or Radiohead. Waited for Bethany to join me. 

5. The best part of the Olympics is the unexpected win of someone who has never won before.

6. It’s true there is a lot of food I once enjoyed I no longer can eat. But I can eat as much as I want of everything else. And still lose weight.

7. Social media is a cheap mob’s weapon.

8. I take it back, the best part of the Olympics is watching Bethany enjoy them every night.

9. My rights are never defended in the NT.

10. The week Radiohead released A Moon Shaped Pool, I listened to it three times. It took my breath away. But I stopped listening because I knew I would eventually buy the LP version. This week I received it in the mail and it is one of the most beautiful and captivating pieces of music I’ve ever heard. Each listen takes you further in. More symphonic than anything else. It forces you to think differently about music, much like Kid A. I imagine people will be listening to this in 50 years.

Random Thoughts for the Weekend

1. I have this picture in my head of being part of a village, once an enemy of the King. But the King conquered us and we knew he now controlled our fate. Fear overwhelmed us. But then a messenger brought news of the King. And the message was good news. He not only forgave us but promised us he would fight for us now and give us all we needed. We knew we deserved punishment but instead we receive grace and mercy. I keep that picture in my head all the time.

2. Coffee and country blues records early in the morning while everyone sleeps. 

3. It dawned on me this week that the common denominator of the music I enjoy is the lack of irony. Even when Dylan isn’t taking himself too seriously, the music is taken seriously.

4. I had pizza last night and I didn’t enjoy it like I thought I would. I wish I’d eaten something else. Yeah, I know. Weird.

5. I’m getting close to finishing Wonder. Last night I read the part where August’s family invites Miranda to go to dinner with them. Sometimes kindness is so beautiful you have to close your eyes after you see it.

6. It’s going to be hard sitting on the 8th row for the Jason Isbell show on September 28th after sitting on the 6th row for the show on the 23rd.

7. I would love to see my mom roll her eyes and smile when she asks what Bethany and I are going to do while she watches the kids and I respond, “oh we’ll probably go parking.”

8. The modern world is a hard place to not have answers to a problem. It is a hard world in which to trust the unseen God.

9. I can understand people wrestling with the absolute sovereignty of God over everything. I can be patient with that. But not mocking it. That’s a whole ‘nother ballgame.

10. So I’ve watched the Jason Isbell Boston concert on YouTube a few times now and I wonder what all those Yankees think of him when he talks. Enjoy.

Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. I rarely go to the NT and fail to find encouragement for the day.

2. I have no affection for either presidential candidate. But I have a theory about Trump and the charge of racism against him. First, hasn’t every Republican candidate been accused of this for the past 20 years? Second, it may be true that he is. But I don’t think his supporters care anymore. And why should they care? The suspicion of racism now equals the charge. And the charges are constant. While I do not think these are good excuses, I think they may be reasons. “You think I’m a racist because I support Trump? Who cares? You probably thought I was one before anyway.”

3. I am about to finish a 6 month reading of the NT and what I find completely missing is the demand for rights and freedom.

4. How is it only Thursday?

5. Listening to my wife sing along with a new record is the best.

6. Still amazed at how many people I know that are experts in foreign policy and European economics.

7. Wonder is a painful read because of memories held tightly on a string to the past and experiences anchored in the present.

8. The only thing worse than vapid, intellectually-void expressions of faith on social media is elitist snobbery refusing to see the best in those, who are just as much part of Christ’s body, the Church.

9. I need a vacation like a fat kid needs cake.

10. I’m looking forward to the 4th so I can eat hamburgers wrapped in lettuce. Yep, I said it.

Random Thoughts for the Weekend

1. The Bible is completely foreign to modern culture for two reasons – it portrays our rebellion against God as our biggest problem and it was written to people in the context of suffering.

2. The evidence that our culture values the lives of famous entertainers more than the commoners? Whenever someone famous dies this year, watch. You will see posts on social media about how 2016 keeps taking people away. What an upside down world we live in. We should grieve more over the plumbers and nurses. Teachers and preachers. 

3. The other night Bethany made Brussel Sprouts with bacon and it blew me away. I don’t even know me anymore.

4. By definition, repentance can never be self-congratulatory. 

5. I ate pizza a few days ago, after going more than 30 days without. Like lovers once separated by an ocean, we were reunited.

6. I am amazed at how many people in my social media feeds cared nothing about #Brexit until after it was decided. Then everyone had strong opinions. Now Orlando is a thing of the past. What will you become so intensely passionate about tomorrow that will help line the pockets of the news organizations?

7. Two years ago this week my mom swung from star to star into eternity. I miss talking to her and her joy with my kids. I miss her easy tears and seeing how she missed my dad, even. There is a grief you can read of in a thousand novels and never know until you feel the need to call them but there is nowhere to call.

8. I am not a gun owner. I have no desire to own a gun. But I do not think gun control will solve the problems of violence that ravage our nation. 

9. I am thankful for the grammar police. They push me to be more rebellious in sentence structure. And they make want to bust the bonds of punctuation rules. Often.

10. Jason Isbell’s songs reminds me of home. Alabama. He’s from a far more rural part of the state, but the language and view of the world is the same. Even the music sounds like this part of country. You can feel the heat and humidity. Hear the cicada bugs and train whistles in the valley. You can smell the pine trees and the dewy morning air. Getting to see him at the Alabama Theatre in September will be hard to beat. Below is a taste. Turn of the television and watch this:

Random Thoughts for Thursday

1. One of the most profound joys (if not the most) of the Christian life is when, by God’s grace, you are able to take him at his word and believe you are not condemned because of the cross. 

2. My newest vinyl is The Bridge by Sonny Rollins. Straight from 1962. I have a number of jazz records but this is my first brand new one. And I cannot get over the sound. His tenor sax sounds like a voice. And Jim Hall’s guitar is one of the most beautiful sounds I’ve ever heard. I can’t get over it. 

3. Since we started this diet, I’ve read three books. Before, I couldn’t stay up night and read. Two pages and I was out. But since we started this diet, I’ve been able to read like I used to, at least a book a week.

4. I believe the sum total of the Christian life is summed up in, “Don’t be afraid. Believe the gospel.” The fight against fear is not tertiary but central.

5. Everyone believes in the complete sovereignty of God over all things. You can deride Calvinism all day long. But as soon as you ask God to save someone from their sin, you believe he can change their will for their good. And as soon as you ask God to heal a person from cancer, you have acknowledged he can and had the power to stop them from getting it, but didn’t. 

6. I have in the past made fun of people who worried about all the ingredients in food. That ends now. A couple of weeks ago our youngest son’s stuttering problem got to where he couldn’t hardly talk. We were frustrated. He was frustrated. We started trying to figure out what had changed. We noticed it coincided with some chocolate milk and Popsicles we had bought the kids. Bethany researched a common ingredient and learned enough for us to not let the kids have anymore. Within a few days, his stuttering improved. Two weeks later? We cannot believe the dramatic difference. He will deal with stuttering like me for the rest of his life but we will avoid that ingredient like the plague.

7. There is nothing our governing authorities can do to stop God’s sovereign plan for his people. 

8. I do miss pizza so very much.

9. Fantasy team is terrible. Cardinals are struggling. Long season.

10. If I do not keep the hope of heaven in front of me, the thought of my death and the death of those I love and the fact that it will happen for all of us, overwhelms me with fear and despair. But when I remember Jesus is making all things and there is no end to that hope, I can stagger out of that despair.

Random Thoughts for the Weekend

porgy and bess

1. Paul tells Timothy  that prayers are to be made for all people,  even for kings and everyone who is in a high position, “that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.” I keep reading these words and walking away with the idea that we should shut up about our leaders unless we are praying for them, so we can lead dignified lives.

2. I don’t want to finish the Wendell Berry novel I’m reading.

3. When grace overtakes, we look for reasons to love and admire others, even when their sins are glaring and offensive. One, because we know our own sin. And two, because we were and are loved despite our sins against God.

4. I think Paul made a mistake when he said, “But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content.” He forgot “records.”

5. It is no irony that I will start a study about “fear and worry”with the Sunday School class I teach and I find myself having to deal with fears about the study and the class itself.

6. The humidity has been so thick the last couple of days you could cut it with a knife, which is good because because I can have a slice of humidity on this diet.

7. A Christianity without a God who is angry at sin and sending people to hell, is of no use at all. It empties churches. It hollows out souls. And is easily replaced by temporary cares.

8. Miles Davis’ Porgy and Bess on a Saturday Morning.

9. I’ve been wondering if sin can be loved. Not it’s benefits or the pleasure it brings but the sin itself. Is our or anyone’s affection for sin ever “love?” I cannot help but think it cannot be loved. Sin can be pursued with great passion, but true love is reserved for whatever conforms to the glory of God, himself. So, even when those who do not believe in God, when they love they are living out the reality of their being created in his image. And I assume this, even when they are sinning.

10. I have begun to have weird dreams while on this diet. And the other night I had a powerful dream about reaching our for beauty. Beauty, not as the world sees it in photoshopped, liposuctioned, starving models on the cover of magazines, but beauty like Wendell Berry’s descriptions of the woods and Paul Desmond’s alto sax. Billie Holiday’s aching voice. Seamus Heaney’s lines. I couldn’t get over it in the dream. It has held over in my waking hours.

Random Thoughts for Thursday

1. It is true, one day we may be the subject of ridicule. And to admit you are a follower of Jesus will invite derision. This may happen.

But there will also be the joy of meeting another believer and the thrill of comfort in that reverse echo of the day in which all our sorrow and tears will fade into the tears and the rest of all that has been hoped for.

2. The NT is incomprehensible to America because we are consumed with avoiding suffering at every point and the NT was written in the context of suffering and to a people whose joy was anchored in being saved from the wrath to come.

3.  I do prefer rising at dawn and drinking coffee over sleeping late.

4. Paul never mentions the Emporer by name in his letters. Nor do the other NT writers. It’s almost like it didn’t matter who it was.

5. So I’m reading Andy Catlett by Wendell Berry and it takes place in 1943. Andy is nine years old. And I just realized that is the exact age my dad was in 1943.

6. Reading poetry out of a physical book is an act of rebellion in our culture so obsessed with entertainment full with lights and sound. It’s an act, once normative, now rare.

7. The older I get the less I want to level the rough terrain of the Bible. I want to sweat through the climbs of difficult passages and feel the chill of those that expose me to the elements of my own failings. I want to be offended by its lack of modern taste and propriety even if it means I’m alone for a time.

8. To be thankful and content with what God has provided, while desiring something else, is about as hard a thing as possible.

9. Another effect of the whole 30 diet is reorienting your taste buds to taste food without sauces added. I still long for sugar-laden BBQ sauce. But am enjoying food differently also.

10. I love sitting alone in the quiet of an early morning but better is sitting in the quiet with Bethany.

Random Thoughts at the Beginning of the Week

1. Last night after cleaning the kitchen, Bethany and I sat in the living room and listened to Jason Isbell records and the songs of the Cicadas outside. The fireflies swirled outside the window. Dusk settled. Sometimes we sang along and once or twice the silence of the needle between those hometown songs made the moment even more so of what it already had been. I want 1000 evenings like this.

2. My fantasy team appears to be on strike.

3. I started a new Wendell Berry book last night. Every page a wonder. No one writes like him.

4. Once again, someone has asked why I’m buying music on vinyl. I do it because it’s more expensive and because they are not portable. The price and the inconvenience means I have to stop and listen to an album for awhile. It’s an investment. And it forces me to sit and listen actively. It’s not just entertainment or background music.

5. On my Facebook feed the other day, I saw someone mocking the idea of a completely sovereign God and the doctrine of Predestination because they said it didn’t make sense. I guess that’s unlike the Trinity and Jesus being fully human and fully man.

6. One effect of the diet I’m on is I’m able to stay up and read each night. Previously, two pages in and I was done. Now I’m reading multiple chapters. Plus I’m sleeping through the night. It’s been years since I’ve done that.

7. Hate war. Love those left behind in its terrible Father and son stealing wake.

8. I hope I grow into an old man longing for young people to hear the comfort of the gospel. I don’t want to be a man of frowns and disgust.

9. Can I point out something awkward? Bathing suits.

10. Me: The thing about this diet is that I’m always hungry.

Friend: That’s no different than before.

Me: Okay, yeah

Random Thoughts for the Weekend

1. For the past 8 weeks I’ve been teaching a Sunday School class of 60 plus young parents. Because it’s Memorial Day weekend, we are not meeting and it feels like I’m missing out on something significant. Something I need down deep.

2. If you step back for a time and observe, you will see how our TV and movie entertainment depends on violence and increasingly the circumstances are darker and more gruesome. Why? Could it be we are so desensitized to the point where we now crave it? Have we lost the taste for beauty? Is anyone pushing against it?

3. My great problem with music is everyone suffers from comparison to Jason Isbell.

4. The NT writers never really saw themselves up against the governments of their day. You only hear desperation to fight sin, knowing the unseen powers were the issue.

5. I haven’t had bread or cheese or pasta in more than 6 days and I don’t even know me anymore.

6. It is more common in evangelical circles  to hear directives about missionary work than about loving your enemy.

7. I miss the joy of summer vacation.

8. As much as I enjoyed the new Radiohead album, it didn’t sound like anything I was familiar with. Here’s what I mean. Right after hearing one of those songs on the radio, the local DJ talked about Jason Isbell. And immediately I was in a place. Home. There was red dirt underneath me. Humid air around me and lightnin’ bugs in my yard. Radiohead sounds like nothing I know. Guys like Isbell sound like home.

9. I’ve been thinking about Paul’s statement in Romans 8 that we are “more than conquerors.” Maybe I’m the only who naturally is tempted to think of the “we” as “super conquerors.” And that’s kind of true I guess. But Paul was writing in a time of actual Conquerors. Men actually conquered in those days. So I got to thinking about this. He’s not saying we are better conquerors but we are something much more. Because even though we can killed and defeated in the way the world measures those things, in all reality our King has made it so those things actually establish the Kingdom of Christ. No surprise, we see this clearly on the cross.

10. The other day, Bethany and I sat out in the front yard and the sunlight hit her hair and the hidden redness showed up and it was the kind of sight poets have been writing down time out of mind.