Random Thoughts

1. I apologize to everyone who, when I found out they had a sinus infection, I wondered what they were whining about.

2. I miss iMonk.

3. Is it reasonable to be concerned that the evangelical “missional” movement is more about what we have done, are doing or wanting to do than about what God has done, is doing and will do?

4. There’s magic, magic I tell you, between the covers of a book by Annie Dillard.

5. What did I do when I was sick before I had a laptop?

6.  Festive celebrations with pork products.

7. Has anyone else noticed how football commentators now are always saying things like, “He’s not a spectacular player but…”? It’s like the trash-talking has spilled over into the booth.

8. Five more days of Christmas music.

9. I can’t believe I didn’t know the new Duffy album was out till I saw it in Wal-Mart.

10. I’m not sure any Christmas present could top all the kind emails, comments, notes, tweets and blog posts – literally hundreds from all over the globe – in response to this.

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