Thoughts After Christmas

1. Hey, remember that year we got a White Christmas in Birmingham?

2. If you punish your kids for fighting over the Wii, you get to play more.

3. Speaking of the Wii, my body is sore all over.

4. A sure way to curb the day after Christmas blues is to get more snow.

5. Another way of curbing the Christmas blues is to have the Christmas get-together that was cancelled –  due to snow on Christmas Day – a few days later.

6. I recommend reading Phantastes at Christmastime.

7. At one point on Christmas day I sat down on the couch with a cup of coffee, beside the tree, in front of the fireplace and I watched the snow fall outside. My kids were playing at my feet and I thought, “Norman Rockwell.”

8. So will Christmas day be kind of a let down if there is no snow next year?

9. I think this is the first time I have not seen my parents on Christmas day. And that was painful to just type.

10. My hard drive crashed on Christmas Eve Eve. Thankful for all things being made new.

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