1. I looked at Twitter the other day and was sad I did so.

2. If Willie Nelson sings “Amazing Grace” is it ‘Christian Music’?

3. I ran out of soap and used my wife’s fruity soap. It was awesome.

4. Wife: Will you put that Radiohead album on my iTouch. Me: I love you.

5. Bacon.

6. You know what would be a really radical life? This.

7. If Willie Nelson sang ‘Amazing Grace’ right now, would it be “Contemporary Christian Music”?

8. I read Phantastes by George MacDonald to prepare for this. I have no idea if it is a good book but I cannot stop thinking about Cosmo and all his adventures.

9. I have no desire to take my Christmas tree down. And the lights we hung outside have been dubbed winter lights.

10. My wife dominates me on the Wii. She also looks nice while doing so, which makes it a little easier to handle. But not much.