1. On Sunday I heard a pastor confess in an opening prayer for worship, he was not excited to be there. I cannot tell you how much that meant to me and my wife.

2. George MacDonald said it is the unseen which has the most influence on us.

3. The whole “what/who is missional?” conversation is weird to me. Shouldn’t we pick words that have been around awhile to get worked up about?

4. Wait, does U2 count as Christian Music?

5. The idea that “anybody can preach” is only a college sophomore’s late night debate from “everybody can preach.”

6. Evangelism is not the message.

7. It’s probably true, people walk away from the faith because Christians’ lives don’t match up with what they say they believe. But my guess is people walk away because they think their lives have to match up.

8. You know those cars you see every so often with dozens of cheesy Christian bumper stickers all over the back. That is what Twitter has become in my world. So I’m trying to remove the stickers. Or better – get out of their lane.

9. The proof that grace is scandalous is how often it is kept under lock and key and when it is brought out it is disguised in the robes of ethics.

10. The most practical truth is that you can do nothing.