All The Right Answers

Other teachers will understand me when I talk of how I’m learning far more than my students. The 9th graders in my Practical Theology are smarter than they think are. But I’ve noticed something.

There are two kinds of students in my class. Those who are familiar with the Scriptures and those who are not as much. Not that one group believes more than another. One group just knows the Bible a little better. The problem? When they open it up, the group most familiar, does not see what is there.

They see what they think is supposed to be there. They see what they think they are supposed to say. But they miss what is really there. Not because it is complex or hidden. They just have not learned to see stop and see what is there. Why? They think they have all the right answers.

I can only assume this is the case for adults too. We listen to lots of sermons and read lots of books. We read furiously through the Bible in a year. But we rarely read the Scriptures in a way that causes us stop and think deeply about a passage.

To see what is there instead of having all the right answers.

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