I’ve gotta rename this blog. I need to. I want to. I just don’t know with what. But I have a few ideas. Feel free to vote on any of these following ten possible names:

1. Redmond’s Pub/Redmond’s Public House (Get it? Redmond? Irish name before “pub…”?)

2. Echoes and Stars (My favorite post yet.)

3. The Pint and Pipe (Too edgy?)

4. The Rock and The Hard Place (Never a comfortable place to be…)

5. An Ordinary Place (Too obvious?)

6. No Man’s Land (For those who do not fit.)

7. The Bluff (I live in Bluff Park.)

8. Bacon and Bits (Recommended by a friend.)

9. What You’re Already Thinking (Often a post seems to resonate with dozens who say this was the case.)

10. The Bates Motel (Using my middle name…I know, why would my parents use “Motel” for a middle name?)