Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. Yesterday was either humbling or humiliating. Either one works.

2. I’ve had bacon everyday this week so far with no sign of letting up.

3. I don’t think anyone *really* believes you can stimulate an economy by raising taxes on the rich. But jealousy is rarely logical.

4. I finished Brennan Manning’s memoir but I am not sure it is finished with me.

5. Democrat is European for “I want you to hire me and pay me whatever I want but I don’t care that you can’t afford it because I’ve voted for you to be taxed into oblivion.”

6. Samuel Adams.

7. I think what happens in corporate worship on Sunday is more important for the life and health of the church than we moderns can possibly know.

8. Billie Holiday’s last album.

9. As an adult I’ve never been a big fan of the beach. But ever since we went as a family this past summer, I can feel the pull to go back as soon as we can afford it.

10. I’m pretty sure Antiques Roadshow is the best only thing on TV.

One thought on “Thursday’s Random Thoughts

  1. David Cooke September 22, 2011 / 3:55 pm

    As ever, made me chuckle. Keep at it!

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