Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. I have had no bacon this week. Feelin’ it too.

2. Breaking news: Auburn once again proven to have not violated recruiting policy. In I’m sure totally unrelated news, a few thousand Bama fans wearing 1976 national championship trucker hats simultaneously got indigestion.

3. Helped a customer by myself finally. Thinkin’ about askin’ for a promotion.

4. If I thought even just a small fraction of the OWS protesters cared about the “Fast and Furious” investigation I would think about taking them seriously.

5. Thought I was getting used to shaving every morning and then realized that’ll never happen.

6. Dreamed about banking regulations last night. You?

7. When I was a little kid this girl I knew wore an annoying shirt that said, “Anything a boy can do, a girl can do better.” As I approach 40 most of my favorite authors and singers are women. And my favorite person is too. Maybe she was right after all.

8. I would like to start a new trend of serving Buffalo wings for dessert.

9.  If you’ve never listened to “Backstreets” by Springsteen as loud as you can while driving through the Birmingham night air, you are missing out.

10. Sign at gas station in my neighborhood: “Boiled Peanuts and Fine Wines.” I love this place called home.

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