1. I’m not a blogger, I’m a banker who blogs.

2. I’m Irish-Native-American. Which is why I prefer to drink my firewater in a pub. With corn beef. Maize beef?

3. Does Mars Hill have a church discipline contract for those struggling with Gluttony?

4. The people I work with keep asking me to do things like count money. And they want me to be precise, because it’s money. It’s pretty frustrating.

5. “Before ordering dinner I will call my Community group leader.”

6. I think I should keep posting this video till all of you admit it is epic music.

7. With so many things that I love, you can almost draw a straight line to Ireland.

8. “I will not serve in any capacity at Mars Hill…unless it involves heavy physical labor wherein I might lose some weight.”

9. Don’t think of this as a blog so much as your conscience.

10. I was about to confess to you I have not had bacon in days but I’m afraid of what y’all will require from me in the name of love for me to demonstrate my sincere love of bacon. Unless it is eating bacon, crispy bacon. Not afraid of that.