Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. I honestly cannot imagine having a worse day at work than I had yesterday. Nothing funny about it. Sorry I brought it up.

2. Is it OK to eat Papa Murphy’s pizza before going to hear Wendell Berry speak? I may know, ummm, a person who might have…

3. In the past 10 days we’ve had 3 serious storm predictions for the Birmingham area. And we are 0-3.

4. Finished Steve Brown’s Three Free Sins. Review coming soon. One word review for the time being – needed.

5. Achtung Baby is my favorite Christian album.

6. Baseball is the most Zen of Sports.

7. The worst part of being a Mac user is expecting everything else to work.

8. Bacon is the most Zen of meats.

9. This winter has been the best spring ever.

10. At work I have to sign my name on pieces of paper I cannot understand. I assume this is what it’s like to be a politician.

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