five guys

1. Just updated my résumé with details of the skills I possess to make a killer iTunes playlist.

2. The King of the Universe wielded his power and influence by saving the least of these. The current evangelical superstructure writes them off as bloggers.

3. Got to hear Bill Mallonee sing his songs and tell his stories last night on the crest of the mountain I live on, with the fog gathering around us close.

4. Sometimes I wish my kids would just stop bugging me…for food, drink, and clothing.

5. Very thankful for our local church. It’s been good for us in ways I could not imagine.

6. If you would rather go to work than have a snow day, we cannot be friends.

7. The Calvinist, because of his belief in the sovereignty of God, should be the most kind and loving person in the room. Most of the time we’re the jerk.

8. All of you *are* looking for me a better-paying non-sales job, right? Right?

9. I’ve had bacon cheeseburgers so much lately, I’m even getting tired of them. Just kidding, I’d lose all self-respect if that happened.

10. Social media is now the standard way we show our adulation for the celebrity, until they screw up, and then we mock them mercilessly. Christians are no exception.