Back before the great hard-drive crash of 2010, I had just bought Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger. Checked it out of the library so I could reclaim it – that’s ethical, right? – and have not been able to stop listening to it.

As far as the business world is concerned, I’m a babe in the woods.

A generation raised on Dumb and Dumber will find almost nothing sacred and will make fun of anything and everything. The generation after them doesn’t stand a chance.

I’m waiting for my award…you know, because I’ve managed to raise my kids as Beatles fans.

I do not think evangelism is the best way to be a “light” in the workplace. It is being just and kind and compassionate in the  midst of world that is often cruel and cold and sleazy with a smile.

I truly thought that after John Piper retired he would go do missions overseas in a hard place. I’m not trying to be snarky here. I really did expect that to happen immediately upon retirement.

I renounce Satan and his Daylight Savings Time.

The great difficulty in my marriage is I am completely happy with the society of my wife. I don’t need time away from her and when I am away, I am anxious to be back. In other words, I’m a lot like my dad in reference to my mother.

I’d like for my kids to grow up with Willie Nelson songs in their head just like I did.

Even though I know I’m supposed to say that I want people to buy my book because I think it will encourage them and be a help to them…and while that’s true…I also want people to buy as many books as possible so I don’t have to get a second job.

A pastor who has a Twitter account but is not the one running it is absurd. I mean Taylor Swift even runs her own account. Probably not the best argument I could make but still…

Watched the movie version of The Road last night. And I tell ya, the first time you hear boy cry…I mean he sounded just like my son Knox and I had to go look in on him just to see him breathe in his sleep.

The way guys talk about their beards these days reminds me of teenage girls and the way they talk about their hair and makeup. Sorry, it’s just true guys.