1. My fear lately – going back about two months – has been that I have let my secure position in Christ keep me from caring whether I am listening to his teaching in a few areas. Thankfully and providentially, he has put a few things in my life to help me think through these painful realizations.

2. If I can not handle well my book selling poorly, I cannot be expected to handle well it selling well.

3. I will never again be able to be a part of a church where I cannot expect to the sit down with the pastor who preaches to us.

4. A church that thinks money will solve its problems, must then be patient with those individuals who think the same way. Only a church that does not think money is the answer can compel the person in the pew to ask for daily bread.

5. I am glad Nathan was not worried about David’s friendship.

6.Last week I began praying for the people I work with. And when I say “began” I did so as a whining child not wanting to, on a visceral level. But God has been good to me in my weakness. Work is still very painful. But it has been more pleasant and I am sure I have been more pleasant. A small echo of Paul and Silas singing in prison, maybe? Maybe.

7.If a conviction costs me nothing, it is nothing.

8.Yesterday morning, I awoke tired and frustrated. Financial worries seized me immediately. And then the fact that I have never missed a meal struck me like never before. That is a remarkable thing and can turn fear into thanksgiving.

9.A small local church that loves each other and Jesus is a thing to be reckoned with.

10. The pull of notoriety is strong. It’s muscles are decorated with veins pumping promises of being liked and being secure.