1. Rarely is any one person, institution, movement or group moving toward to doing less when they have the time and resources to do more and more. Instead, all move towards more because we think we can do it and therefore it must be done.

2. Our culture has uncritically accepted the reasonableness of loads of daily homework after our kids have been at school for 8 hours.

3. It’s October 1st and perfect Fall weather just like God intended.

4. John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman.

5. My 6 year old asked what a soul was the other day. I thought I was avoiding these questions by sending my kids to public school.

6. Don’t assume the worst of those you disagree with and are arguing with. Ask questions. Ask yourself the same questions. Grace insists on it.

7. It’s my birthday month, so if you need to see my wish list, let me know.

8. Our culture’s idea of safety at the expense of endangering others is a luxury.

9. I’m tired of not eating pizza.

10. Joy is often familiar. Even when the experience is new. It may feel like an echo of a long forgotten sliver of memory. Once escaped. Now slight in the remembering. Only a taste. A sound. So small. But within, a world that can usher in that longed-for ache you know you were created for.