Random Thoughts for Thursday

1. One of the hardest things is remembering other people need grace and mercy in the midst of our need for grace and mercy. We typically want justice for them.

2. My wife and I are slowly reading through the NT this year and she made a great point. She pointed out that every one of Paul’s letters seems to be him correcting that particular church’s understanding the gospel. Sounds obvious but we veer into so many other things.

3. I am so glad I don’t have to do any of my kids’ homework for more than two months.

4. No one at work knows who Wilco is.

5. That day you realize your lawn needs professional treatment and you’re an adult and there is nothing to stop this train.

6. We now live in a world where if you think abortion should be illegal, you are a misogynist. Not because of any philosophical relation between that belief and the word. No, simply an anecdote will suffice. Which is weird, because I now know many women are now misogynists because they think abortion should be illegal. I guess you could argue they’ve been brainwashed and are not able to think for themselves. But that would be contemptuous towards those women. Which is really just being misogynistic.

7. You know those old Irish ballads sung by men who in Anerica longing for their love back on the green isle? I’m on day 5 of The Whole 30 and that’s how I feel about cheese.

8. Unspoken prayer request for my fantasy baseball team.

9. The other day I was with my close friends and Wilco came up. Actually we were talking about the glory days of Uncle Tupelo. I agreed that Son Volt had a better trajectory. But then I realized I listen to Wilco more than any of them. And then I realized it’s because they sound like Dylan, The Beatles, and Radiohead had a kid named Wilco.

10. Why would you be surprised that any politician would abandon principles in support of another politician?

One thought on “Random Thoughts for Thursday

  1. angie5804 May 28, 2016 / 12:57 pm

    #4 – my son is a big Wilco fan; the 6 year old grandson has a WIlco t-shirt, but don’t know if he’s a fan yet

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