Random Thoughts for the Weekend

1.The reason “Do Not Afraid” and similar instructions are found throughout the Scriptures is fear is a denial of the present reality of God and his control over his earth. Faith/Confidence in his care as we follow his teaching is the opposite of fear.

2. Jesus does not ever seem to be in a hurry.

3. Listen, we can get upset all day about all the pictures on Ravi’s phone, but I know very few people who will refuse to watch a movie or TV show because those same kinds of images are present on the screen.

4. Isn’t it strange the word we translate as “gospel” and “good news” is not in the gospel of John?

5. There is not one teaching in the Scriptures that could lead us to believe we should listen more to a politician than to our pastors.

6. The new Jon Foreman album is worth your time.

7. A Christian culture that puts all the stress on belief, which cannot be seen, and has very little expectation of change in Christ-likeness this side of heaven, will inevitably create lots of Ravi Zachariases.

8. We do not sin just because we did not believe the gospel in one situation. It is more true that we sin because we did not believe the gospel of God’s kingdom for 10,000 situations leading up to that one situation.

9. It is true we should be concerned about the damage scandal can do to the church’s witness in the world. But not more so than the damage done to actual persons. You see, it was concern about the good he did in spreading the gospel that kept many from looking into the allegations and believing those he victimized. Being more worried about the scandal than the damage done is really being more concerned about getting caught and less about the actual wrong done. Evangelism is not more important than how we treat others. When we treat it as such, we are at odds with the Scriptures and reality itself.

10. You can actually walk with Jesus, you know? And when you do, you get a great deal of the “on earth as it is in heaven” we pray for and long for. But you really have to want it no matter the cost.

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