Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. Saw Super 8 last night. Great movie and not just because the space ship looks like the stage from U2 360.

2. Went to a restaurant last night where they were doing karaoke. I’m convinced karaoke is symbolic of all that is wrong with our culture.

3. The reason we have juries in this country is because facebook verdicts will never do.

4. So on Wednesday I read an article citing a lengthy study which saying there is no definite link between salt consumption and heart disease. I also read an article saying that China’s use of coal has cooled the earth. Next I’ll read there is no link between my roll-on deodorant and breast cancer.

5. I’d pay extra for a teenager-free movie theater.

6. On the entertainment spectrum of cultural value, karaoke is the polar opposite of Opera.

7. I think most people hold their position on various issues (theological, political, social, etc) based on emotions rather any study of the facts. Thus, our bumper sticker culture. Nobody stops and thinks.

8. Mercy for me and justice for everyone else.

9. I feel like I lose brain cells every time I have to watch the previews before a movie. A robot boxing movie? Really?

10. Smoked ribs for the first time on July 4th. Waiting for study telling me what I already know – ribs are good for me.