1. If Cher calls you dumb, then you are most likely presidential material.

2. I have a theory. The same ‘thing’ (weltanschauung?) which causes people to want to be labeled ‘independent’ is the same as that which causes Christians to not want to identify with a particular church, denomination or theological position. They are above the fray.

3. Contrary to what some may think. It is not true there is a link between the increase of welfare and the reduction of abortions. California has the most on welfare and the most abortions. They have now elected a dead person to Congress. They also make most of the movies we watch. Crap.

4. I am in the middle of reading this thanks to Doug Wilson. It’s incredible. A long read but well worth it so far. Much of it sounds like a lot of what is happening in the evangelical church right now. I’ll explain more when I am done. Bated breath, I know.

5. This. Was. Awesome.