More Thoughts On Election Day

1. There may be some people who actually put all their hope in elections. But I have never met one of these people. I have a feeling they are few and far between. They show up about as often as the Yeti.

2. Caring about politics does not mean you have put all your hope in elections. It means you care about your country which is made up of people you are supposed to care about.

3. Navigating the difficulties of faith and politics has never been easy.

4. Some people do put too much stock in elections and politicians. But this makes far more sense and is far more reasonable then Christians being entertained by The Bachelor.

5. There is some talk that would leave you thinking almost any emotional response (happiness or hurt) shows your hope is not in Jesus. That is just plain irrational. I get happy about bacon. And I hurt when we are out of bacon. Surely an emotional response about the direction of something so small as THE DIRECTION OF A COUNTRY is appropriate.

6. It is always someone else who has the warped perspective on faith and politics. It is never the one giving advice.

7. Anyone who wants to raise taxes and then vote for themselves to get a raise is a bad person.

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