1. I almost bought a cup of coffee at Starbucks the other day. Almost.

2. When a book is made into a movie (Aren’t they all now?), do the people who make the movie ever actually say, “This story is stupid. And all the people who like it are stupid. I’ll change it.” Or do they just think it?

3. We act like it isn’t the case – like it’s always been a part of the lingo, but aren’t we, evangelicals using the word ‘mission’ a whole heck of a lot nowadays? Is it the new shibboleth? Do I need to say it more?

4. I’m running regularly now. I’ve lost almost 20 pounds. I look awesome. You should see me.

5. “Mission.”

6. Do people who want to pay higher taxes ask to pay more than their total bill at the grocery store?

7. My favorite comment that I have gotten as a blogger is, “Tell Satan hello for me. When you join him.” I know that doesn’t sound very nice but he at least left the address to his blog.

8. And just like that, I want a Happy Meal.

9. ‘Obamacare’ sounds like a hair care product.

10. Can you think of anything that could not be paired with bacon and taste better? I cannot.