This will be my last post on politics for awhile…unless the clamor for more from my five readers is deafening.

It is an accepted maxim these days that all politicians are dishonest, regardless of party affiliation. This may or may not be true. But let’s assume it is. Let’s assume that all politicians have trouble with the truth and therefore cannot be trusted. Let’s assume you know this but you still feel it is your constitutional right, privilege and responsibility to vote for one of these dishonest dealers.

How do you decide?
One commenter of mine said she had trouble voting for Republicans because they were liars, they were hypocritical but unlike the Democrats they use a lot of God talk. For this reason she says they bother her more. I am left to assume the things that bothers her the most is the God talk which is inconsistent with their lying and hypocrisy. 
There are a lot of things wrong with this kind of thinking but my first thought is, “Really, you identify the most with liars and hypocrites who do NOT talk about God? You don’t identify with the sinners who talk about God?” If there are two groups in front of me and both are full of liars and hypocrites but one of them uses ‘God talk’ and the other supposedly does not, I am going to look into the eyes of those who talk about God the most, jump up and down and say, “Oooo, pick me!” I know my own heart and with a shameless ease I can identify with liars and hypocrites who use “God talk.”
Peggy Noonan makes an excellent point also when talking about negative ads:

Now voters take for granted that politicians are no good, and such ads are just more polluted water going over the waterfall. The biggest long-term loser: liberalism. If all pols are sleazoid crooks, then why would people want to give them more governmental power to order our lives? The implicit message of two generations of negative ads: Vote conservative, limit the reach of the thieves.

I’m OK with confessing Christians voting differently than myself. But let’s do it for good reasons that flow from convictions which reject naive pride, understanding we are all made in the image of God and all have the same sin problem.