Random Pastoral Thoughts

1. John 13:34 is the fulcrum for the leverage of the gospel in relationships.

2. The question is whether it is best to be held fast uncomfortably in the hands of a loving father or released with no troubles whatsoever.

3. Repentance cannot bloom except in the fertile soil of humility.

4. We don’t know it because of all the access we have to preaching through the internet, but there may be no more public place of vulnerability than the pew.

5. In the ICU is the juxtaposition of the genius of man and his fall into sin.

6. Christians should be the last to accept the conventional wisdom.

7. If I can run 5K three times a week in 6 year old LL Bean trail-running shoes with holes in the seams, the church can function without all the audio/visual bells and whistles we think are so necessary.

8. The use of business principles in the church makes me want to vomit.

9. Everyone wants to talk as if business principles fit well in the church…that is, until a pastor asks for a raise.

10. The answer never seems to be prayer. This is why the question is rarely asked.

4 thoughts on “Random Pastoral Thoughts

  1. thatbradguy November 26, 2010 / 2:34 pm

    Which business principles? How do you distinguish between business principles and truths that are easily observable and measurable in the business world?

  2. ed November 29, 2010 / 6:20 pm

    I have seen way too many churches struggle due to poor decisions, then they rely on their congregation to bail them out with more giving. Let's call them management decisions and management principles instead. Does that change the feeling? I think we are called to be good and shrewd managers of the blessings we receive, the church in particular. Business principles can really teach us a lot in that. Most pastors I know have a very narrow and inaccurate view of what good business is. The only "principle" they have is grow at all costs and use what they see as slick marketing technigues. That is not good business. There are plenty of examples of business that are oriented towards slow growth, lasting value, and good and fair treatment of all involved. Let's look at those businesses, not car dealers and pyramid schemes as examples to follow in the church.

  3. Matt B. Redmond November 30, 2010 / 1:01 pm

    "Business" is a modifier of "principles." If there is a principle which is good for both a business and a church it is not, strictly speaking, a 'business principle.'There was a time in history in which you would have never confused the two. And when you could, there was revolution/reformation.

  4. ed December 2, 2010 / 7:29 pm

    Perhaps we are in agreement here. I think things have gone wrong as church goers have become consumers, and churches go right along with that – branding and creating a "product" that appeals to them. It is hard not to see many churches as anything more than that. Many pastors are largely good image creators and can sell a good story about how great their church is. I won't quible about the semantics here. I would still say the Church can learn much from the business world in order to better meet its mission.

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