1. John 13:34 is the fulcrum for the leverage of the gospel in relationships.

2. The question is whether it is best to be held fast uncomfortably in the hands of a loving father or released with no troubles whatsoever.

3. Repentance cannot bloom except in the fertile soil of humility.

4. We don’t know it because of all the access we have to preaching through the internet, but there may be no more public place of vulnerability than the pew.

5. In the ICU is the juxtaposition of the genius of man and his fall into sin.

6. Christians should be the last to accept the conventional wisdom.

7. If I can run 5K three times a week in 6 year old LL Bean trail-running shoes with holes in the seams, the church can function without all the audio/visual bells and whistles we think are so necessary.

8. The use of business principles in the church makes me want to vomit.

9. Everyone wants to talk as if business principles fit well in the church…that is, until a pastor asks for a raise.

10. The answer never seems to be prayer. This is why the question is rarely asked.