Sundays are hard for me these days. They are the day before I go back to a week of my job. This morning I awoke and the following was the first thing I read. Every word hit the mark. I have gone back to it throughout the day and will return to it most likely in the watches of the night. May it be as much help for you as it has been for me.

Call on the Lord

In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and he answered by setting me free.
– Psalm 118:5

You must learn to call on the Lord. Don’t sit all alone or lie on the couch, shaking your head and letting your thoughts torture you. Don’t worry about how to get out of your situation or brood about your terrible life, how miserable you feel, and what a bad person you are. Instead, say, “Get a grip on yourself, you lazy bum! Fall on your knees, and raise your hands and eyes toward heaven. Read a psalm. Say the Lord’s Prayer, and tearfully tell God what you need.” This passage teaches us to call on him. Similarly, David said, “I pour out my complaint before him; before him I tell my trouble” (Psalm 142:2). God wants you to tell him your troubles. He doesn’t want you to keep them to yourself. He doesn’t want you to struggle with them all alone and torture yourself. Doing this will only multiply your troubles.

God knows you will be too weak to overcome your troubles by yourself. He wants you to grow strong in him. Then he will be the one who receives the glory. Out of difficult experiences emerge true Christians. Without troubles, people talk a lot about faith and the Spirit but don’t really know what these things are or what they’re saying.

You must never doubt that God knows your troubles and hears your prayers. You must not pray haphazardly or pray as if you’re shouting into the wind. This mocks prayer and tests God. In this case, it would be better not to pray at all. You must learn to appreciate the part of the passage that says, “He answered by setting me free.” The psalmist acknowledged that the Lord heard him and released him from his troubles.

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