1. Well, the first ever, bona-fide Redmond family vacation is about over. Aaaaand, I’m exhausted.

2. It is a long way from the indestructibility of youth to the reality of being a parent of fragile children.

3. Protip: Listen to The Beatles.

4. Last night (on vacation) I interpreted “Love your neighbor as yourself” as going to get security after waking up at 1 AM so we could actually sleep at the expense of our neighbor’s drunken fun.

5. We are looking into medication to regulate my son’s addiction to Chex Mix.

6. The condo we stayed in may never be the same.

7. The smarts of liberals is always assumed and the dimwittedness of conservatives is a given. If you don’t believe this it is because you are a dimwitted conservative.

8. Speaking of politics, I support a constitutional amendment banning 10 AM check-out times.

9. Having cable for a few days reminds me why I hate TV – the shows and the commercials. Besides that, it’s great.

10. We need another word over against “vacation” to describe what you are doing when you have multiple kids and go somewhere.