Tuesday’s 10: Reasons Not to Blog This Week

Dylan Redmond aka “The Captain of Chaos”

1. On vacation and sometimes blogging feels like work..

2. The condo we are staying in is super nice and therefore not childproof. All eyes on need to be on deck.

3. I’m reading an Ann Coulter and there is no telling what I might say. (Before you freak out about this, remind yourself that you would not blink if I was reading a book by John Stewart or Bill Maher. People only freak out about conservatives, which proves the premise of the book I’m reading.)

4. We have cable! I’ve already watched Man V. Food and Triple D.

5. My wife is looking for pretty good and I don’t want to miss a moment.

6. I am distracted by the shrimp I made last night and the fish I will be eating tonight.

7. I need all the energy I can muster to build sandcastles.

8. I may need a nap at the juncture which would be the most natural time to blog.

9. Superdad cannot be bothered with such things.

10. I’m the king of fun and duty calls.

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