1. Jane Fonda’s Crush on Che Guevara (If you don’t ever read anything else I post,  at least read this.)

2. Winnie the Pooh’s Ingenious Culinary Invention

3. I’m wondering what my worship-leader friends think of this article.

4. I ain’t the only one asking big questions about evangelism.

5. Use the word “mundane” in a post about The Beatles and you will get linked.

6. 40 Behind the Scenes Photos from Star Wars.

7. Ryan Adams on 9/11 and His Reluctant ‘New York’ Anthem

8. Just three days after Labor Day, this.

9. Looks like there is a credible threat of terrorism for this weekend.

10. “Every day, iPhone users spend at least 1 million hours playing Angry Birds,” according to this article. Sounds about right.