1. Who thought up “boogie man ” as synonymous for something scary?

2. I know you don’t think I’m a “gamer” but my win/loss ratio on spider solitaire says otherwise.

3. Watched The Dark Knight again last night. So unrealistic. Bank vaults don’t look like that.

4. If I had made fun of of the Occupy Denver protestors by saying they will most likely elect a dog as their leader, someone would have thought me unkind. And then they go and do it.

5. How come there are not more shows about Ninjas? With throwing stars?

6. Dear Joe Paterno, Thank you for making it easier for a pedophile to molest young boys but also fanning the flames of cynicism in a burned-over culture.

7. Tired of waiting on new Batman movie. And shows with ninjas.

8. Hermain Cain is proof positive liberals do not really care about diversity. They only wield it as a weapon against those they would have power over.

9. Every time I read/hear “Herman Cain” I get really hungry for pizza.

10. I apologize for no references to bacon or Star Wars in this edition of TRT.