Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. Gonna take a couple of days off this weekend. Probably Saturday and Sunday.

2. Word on the street is Tebow will be standing in for Chuck Norris in the last 5 minutes of his next film.

3. Thanks to everyone for the kind words regarding my article being published over on CT. There are now autographed commemorative copies available but if you wait for the Groupon, they will be free.

4. Who gives a rip about the Muffin Man? It’s the bacon man we love.

5. When work is slow, I feel like an expert.

6. My head tells me the wrapped cylindrical object under the tree is Summer Sausage but my heart says rocket launcher.

7. I’d spend more time with the iPad but geez, I have to sleep.

8. Do you know how hard it is to find LOTR pajamas? In my size?

9. Did I tell you about the time I was playing Free Cell on my iPad and there was no 6 of diamonds? I did a screen capture in case you did not believe me.

10. It’s possible that impoverished people the world over get to this time of year and think, “I feel sorry for those poor souls over in America who, for a whole month, are being subjected to George Michael’s ‘Last Christmas’ over and over and over again.”

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