Since this blog is about everything, and The Grammys sit firmly under that banner. Here are some thoughts:

1. Seeing Brian Wilson sit in with The Beach Boys was amazing. Most of my younger readers won’t get it. The Beach Boys? A lot of the great music we have today is a direct result of Wilson’s genius and the Boys talents.

2. Every time they showed Lady Gaga, she seemed to look confused, “Why am I not getting all the attention?” Aaaaand she looked like a Mackerel stuck in a net.

3. I wasn’t crazy about Macca’s first performance but the finale was crazy good.

4. Something bothered me about Justin Vernon’s (Bon Iver) acceptance speech. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of his music. But, let’s face it, the hipster predisposition to despise what is popular and recognized as good can lead to a too cool for school attitude. Making music for the sake of making music doesn’t mean it can’t be meaningful to win an award for the music you made.

5.That Nicki Manaj thing was stupid. And talentless. And bizarre. And silly. And sad.

6. The Civil Wars got 60 seconds. And were amazing. And that’s why the music industry is crumbling. They got one minute.

7. Taylor Swift needs to stop acting surprised when everyone cheers for her. And I say that as a fan.

8. You know what would be brave? If an artist used Islamic symbols and rituals to shock, that would be brave. The Catholics won’t threaten to kill you.

9. What was that foolishness in the Micky Mouse head? He…it deserves to be laughed at often.

10. After I downloaded Adele’s 21 back about a year ago, I listened to it straight through. And then I tweeted it would be the album of the year. It’s well-deserved and gives me hope that great music will win out. We’ll be listening to that album for a hundred years.