Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. Let me start by thanking all of you for praying for my fantasy team. I can see that you are praying just by looking at my stats.

2. I now only have one or two pastors in my twitter “reading list.” I can only handle so many mini sermons a day.

3. After a thorough review, I heartily approve of Aldi’s bacon.

4. Speaking of prayer, would you pray the vault doesn’t open today so my 4 day weekend would transform into a 5 day weekend? Thanks.

5. My wife is going to the beach this weekend and it will be just us kids.

6. Suddenly, no one is all that passionate about justice for Trayvon. Go figure.

7. My wife just asked me how old she is.

8. I’m calling it – the argument that evangelicalism is too wedded to politics is preposterous.

9. You know what’s awesome? Awesome stuff.

10. Some days work is so bad, I ask my friend Sean to send me Red Sox Trivia. I’m a Yankees fan.

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