1. I don’t read World magazine and have not read any books by D’souza. So I have no dog in this fight except my cynicism of just about any media outlet. And over the past couple of years has been true of Christian media also. Whether or not D’Souza spent the night in a hotel with a woman he called his fiancée at a Christian conference when his divorce had yet to be finalized may matter. What also matters is that the man who wrote the story for World and World’s Editor had a personal grievance with D’Souza. If World had included that in the first article, the ensuing debate/conversation, spurred on by social media, would have certainly been different.

2. D’Souza recently produced a very popular documentary critical of Obama. Are you telling me Liberals would not love to prove the allegations are true? So as to point and scold for hypocrisy? I have to believe that someone would hire a private detective to prove that he and his fiancée did spend the night in the same hotel room.

3. Of course the accused should be able to offer proof also that they were in two different hotel rooms.

4. Do people still read World magazine like they used to? I never hear anyone talk about it.

5. I’ve seen a number of people make the argument that this is what happens when people’s passion is for politics and not the cause of Christ. If this is the lesson anyone learns from this controversy, it is a tragedy. It’s a false dichotomy. It assumes you cannot be passionate about politics and be passionate about Christ at the same time. it sets them up against one another. If Christians desert the public square, it will be a dark public square.

6. We have the sown the seeds of an evangelical celebrity circus and we are reaping a sticky cotton-candied, bearded-lady, three-ring version of a whirlwind.