Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. My kids are making really good grades in school. How did this happen?

2. While your complaining on facebook about people talking about politics on Facebook, there are people in other countries who are not allowed to.

3. Dogs are stupid. Coffee is a man’s best friend.

4. Looking for a new job, skills include the ability understand teenagers and ummm, you know like, college students. You would not believe how many companies do not see the value of this.

5. Look, if someone would invite me to a bridal tea, I would not have ask for Petit Fours for my birthday.


7. Discovered this awesome new band called “The Indisputably Bright and Gleaming Doorknobs of my Step-Mom’s Lake House.” But then right after I discovered them, I realized three other people had downloaded their album, so I quit because I refuse to be a slave to pop culture.

8. Protip: Always, always, always vote for the candidate least likely to listen to Lady Gaga.

9. The offseason is no time to relax. Fantasy baseball draft is only 6 months away.

10. What if our churches had “Marketplace Conferences” where we invited in people who work in the marketplace to tell us how to live before the watching world? Because nobody seems to know…

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