If you’re not listening to any Bob Dylan you may not be listening.

The silence of the neo-Calvinist community regarding the lawsuit against SGM and so
many of its leaders coupled with the silence about the mass exodus of congregations
from SGM is damning.

In 1948 Musial had a home run that did not count because of a rainout. If it had counted
he would have won the triple crown.

I’ve got an idea. How about one of you wanting to live a radical life and making lots of
money, switch incomes with me for a year? We can switch vacations and everything.
Any takers?

My wife cooks meals worth paying for.

On my 3rd book of Cormac McCarthy’s in less than 2 weeks. I’d have finished the
border trilogy by now but my Spanish is rusty.

I’ve decided to join the counterculture and stay theologically and politically conservative.
May buy a gun too. My badge of membership? No tattoo.

Our church had a Missions Conference this past weekend. One of the missionaries the
church supports is in Wexford, Ireland…where my family is from. It was an amazing
thing to hear from them.

I am thankful for the struggles that make me long for home. I’d just like a slight break
from a few of ’em. Amen.

Traded about 30 books for 4 of Cormac McCarthy’s. That’s a steal.

If if you try to contact me through email, facebook or a twitter and don’t hear from me for
a while, it’s only because I’m trying to not be owned by those things.

Don’t let the business world of commerce and marketing and hidden truths and bottom
lines steal your soul.

If you are looking for idols and temptations under every rock, you will naturally see the
worst in everyone but yourself. At least it’s true for me.

There is a King and he is a better man than we can imagine.