Look I’m no marketing guru but I think coupling The God of the Mundane with bacon would’ve been genius.

I can remember the first time I stepped into Toys-R-Us and walking those aisles, my mouth agape in wonder…an echo of what those first few moments are like for those who have gone on ahead.

Braggadocio and insults are now a fundamental part of the football experience.

Some people fear terrorist attacks. I fear writing a cover letter for a résumé.

Celebrities get away with behavior we would never condone in our children.

I’m not doing much writing because you have not bought me a computer yet, internets.

What’s that thing called when in the middle of the night you are attacked by a sensation of panic that overwhelms all attempts at reasonable thought? It’s on the tip of my tongue…

When we get audited at work, it is easy to hope someone else makes the mistakes. It is hard to prefer it is you because you care for the others.

My wife is a living breathing sermon of grace for my soul.

Books are more than things. So much more.