The words of Jesus are like food for my soul. And I really, really like food.

A Progressive is a person who doesn’t like the violence of God in the Old Testament but never misses an episode of The Walking Dead.

A quiet evening sitting in the den with my wife is pretty exciting.

The landscape art of Alfred Sisley.

I’m glad we measure our weight in pounds and not wings because that would make losing weight that much harder.

When I get a new job, I’m gonna relish being able to look up into the starry night without having to fight the dread of the following day.

The Scriptures are an unrelenting reminder of our lack and God’s day-in and day-out provision.

While you’re watching reruns of Law & Order: Toledo, my 10 yr old daughter is reading graphic novels of Shakespeare in her spare time.

If you can be thankful for what you have learned from those with whom you have deep disagreement, then grace is certainly working itself through your whole being.

If the only ones who care about pastor Mark Driscoll’s plagiarism/ghostwriting are Progressives, then we can be certain that the neo-Evangelical/Reformed movement has spiraled downward into a cultural Christianity that worships celebrity and offers it no accountability. It has a standard of integrity below that which is expected of 18 year olds by professors, pagan or no.