Random Thoughts for the Weekend

1) If we make everything about gender and race, everything will be about gender and race and we will lose it all.

2) The internet has made it possible for us to respond to someone’s written words instantaneously without having to think about them. Before, the written word of a book or magazine, could be responded to, but never with immediacy. Now, a writer can craft ideas and sentences over days or weeks and someone can read those words and express their disagreement with two minutes of thought.

3) Christmas is for broken families.

4) The Holy Scriptures do not allow us to attack racism in another without understanding the call is to love others. You can hate racism and still be an unloving person toward the uncultured or overweight.

5) I’m not sure I’m doing a great job at loving my neighbor. And by neighbor, I mean my middle child.

6) There is a place of growth in the Christian, where you are able to see your sin rise up in you yet again and almost laugh at yourself because it got you again. Its a holy recognition. And it’s grace because you can laugh at the irony of your recognition after the fact. I don’t know what to call it. Humble recognition? I don’t know. But when it happens it feels like freedom.

7) I am glad to be associated with the “Man of Sorrows, acquainted with grief.”

8) I’ve been listening to some of the Christian artists I grew up listening to. A lot of the music is bad. A lot is good too. But the words are different from today. These days Christian music is either worship music or the lyrics are so “poetic” you cannot make out the meaning without a decoder ring. They mean anything and everything. It would be nice to have a prophetic voice show up on the scene who wasn’t trying to be Dylan so much as John the Revelator.

9) If we do not listen to people, we will not know the hurts and pains into which we would fling our pious platitudes had we not listened.

10) Don’t help your kids be cool. There is no call for cool in the Scriptures. There is a call for kindness, though. Help them with that.

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for the Weekend

  1. David Lindsay December 14, 2014 / 9:49 am

    Don’t forget Dylan’s Slow Train Coming album back in 1979 with the prophetic single of “You Gotta Server Somebody”.

  2. Dan from Georgia December 15, 2014 / 6:41 am

    RE number 8; I don’t know if Rich Mullins would have been considered prophetic, but I certainly miss his music…great songwriter and didn’t sugarcoat stuff.

  3. Bookbolter January 4, 2015 / 5:11 pm

    I heard a guy that sounded like John the Revelator – his name is Matt Papa. I’ve only heard one album from a few years back, but it was a stiff shot.

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