Thursday’s Random Thoughts


1. Every news story you hear should be listened to with ears attuned to the story of Redemption.

2. My new glasses are a pain behind the ears.

3. I don’t like the protest culture of the left or the boycott culture of right.

4. I miss being at the beach surrounded by friends and food.

5. There is something to be said for listening to artists/musicians you can personally communicate with.

6. I love how much Flannery O’Connor leaned on C.S. Lewis’ writing as she was dying.

7. I see you not caring about Baltimore any longer…

8. I’ve never thought of myself as a magician but when I think about how many applications for jobs I’ve sent into the ether only for them to disappear, I think again.

9. What if the signs of the decline of our culture are just as much about how much we spend on TV as sexual ethics? What if we ushered it all in by preferring sitcoms to books?

10. I’m sitting outside listening to Sandra McCracken’s new album Psalms, waiting on my wife to get home. The air is pleasant. The Privet is fragrant. A few stars flicker gently. The crickets sing in time and I wonder how such grace is mine.

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