Thursday’s Random Thoughts


1. Baseball is poetry.

2. (unmentionable thought about my wife on her birthday)

3. Allow me to say it again, when you hear someone say “Every Christian needs to read this book,” you are dealing with a legalism, expressed in hyperbolic marketing. There are no must read books.

4. I can truly say, “my wife makes the world a better place.” Through unnoticed and often unappreciated (by me) deeds done wholly for others.

5. I’m reading Law & Gospel again. And in the midst are the shootings of police officers and a lot of negative feelings towards them. And I’m wondering who they’d call for help. What about me? The very law I despise I will use against others.

6. (Looks forward to seeing wife in bathing suit at the beach)

7. If you pay attention, the marketing of Christian books has a certain legalism and optimism built-in. Add the celebrity endorsements and…

8. Listening to Bethany laugh till she can’t breath and/or snorts is one of my absolute favorite things.

9. On vacation I plan to eat all the shrimps.

10. Everyone is marching all over the world trying to have all these incredible experiences because they’ve never sat next to my wife in our front yard just before dusk and watched the sunlight push through her hair and seen the reddish hues.

One thought on “Thursday’s Random Thoughts

  1. Dan from Georgia May 8, 2015 / 11:30 pm

    I get the impression you are in love with your wife! For a romantic evening, check out any love songs collection by Kenny Rodgers (sp?). Not sure if he is your cup ‘o tea, but great songs nevertheless!

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