1. Any issue for which you cannot ask questions that have a hint of dissent are not mere issues, but sacred cows fat for the slaughter.

2. Tonight, Bethany and I will go see Love and Mercy, a biopic on Brian Wilson, that swirls around his production of Pet Sounds, the only album for which a movie is worthy.

3. (deleted thought)

4. This morning I drove down the mountain to Star Lake where I run and the air was perfectly sweet and the sky clear, the company of ducks and geese just what needed.

5. I am cynical. And if you are paying attention, you would be too.

6. People of Wal-Mart is funny until those are the people you spend time with and you have to look in their eyes. When its still funny, I have a problem.

7. Be skeptical of repentance for which applause is given.

8. Am I wrong in thinking there’s an, “I’m famous, you’re famous, let’s not criticize each other” thing going on in evangelicalism?

9. The Rachel Dolezal story is the gift that keeps on giving.

10. Friends, it’s okay if you have not read my book. I haven’t either…