Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. It is no easy thing to have a skill for which people will praise you to no end and yet not pay you for. There are harder things, but still.

2. The church is not afraid of wealth like it ought to be. It is an enterprise of capitalism in that all it sees is opportunity to progression forward. The warning of the King go unheard.

3. The framing of a story is important. Follow the money and where the power can be had by the narrative, when listening to the story. When you cannot follow the money, listen a little closer.

4. There is so little mystery anymore.

5. People are always looking for heroic saints. Jesus looked for weak weak sinners.

6. My wife has been reading and enjoying Hannah Coulter which means I have watched a beautiful person hold a beautiful thing often over the past week.

7. Social media is starting to become a place of advertisements and marketing as much as it is anything else. There is good there but the good is being crowded out by increments.

8. The disappointment of going to someone and asking for help and not getting help is deflatingly unique. I suppose there is grace enough for that too.

9. We have it in our head all the big pronouncements and events will make the difference for others and ourselves for good and else wise. This is an error of imagination.

10. I am no feeling entirely well right, fighting something off, which or may not be affecting the tone, if not the content of these posts. But possibly not.

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