1. Grace laughs at the law with head thrown completely back and ribs grabbed.

2. Yesterday at work, I got to talking to a guy about books. And we talked poetry a little. And it was the best day at work ever.

3. There have been a number of articles lately about the things people say to pastors. And things you shouldn’t say to pastors. Ways pastors are criticized. One article was about how it hurts Pastors when people leave. 

I’ve now been on both sides of this coin. Can I write an article of what pastors should never say or do? It all seems a silencing. What would I love to hear from pastors? Posts asking for feedback with a chest behind that can handle it.

4. I listen to Ryan Adams a lot. And one of the reasons is how absolutely at odds his personality is with his songs. He is a foul-mouthed, pinball playing, comic book reading, silly boy-man. And he writes songs with incredible melodies and lyrics that rival some of the best modern poetry for beauty and insight into the human condition.

5. Last night we spent an evening laughing and eating and drinking with our best friends. We talked of our joys, our hurts, and we laughed at ourselves till we hurt. Each couple brings a dish. We get together every month at least once a month. But we try for more. We have a group text that we live on that’s been going for years. It’s full of inside jokes, prayer requests and plans for time together. It’s used every single day. We care about each other’s kids like our own.

No “small group” could compete.

6. My Ray Charles records are treasures. Found cheap and listened to more than any others.

7. My love for BBQ is without boundary.

8. Fear adds complexity.

9. One of the things that surprised me while working in the bank is how much people eat out. And how much money they spend doing it. And how they complain about not making enough money.

10. Last night while at our friend’s I looked over and watched my wife sit and talk and laugh in all her beauty and thanked God for such a gift. Her laughter is better than gold.