1. I dreamed last night that I preordered Marilynne Robinson’s book of poetry.

The only problem is she doesn’t have one coming out.

2. I’ve worked three days at my new job and I haven’t needed to listen any angry music with bad words on the way home.

3. There is no place in Christendom for snobbery about coffee, beer, or whatever.

4. Yesterday I sat with a lady at her desk as part of my training and on her desk was a copy of Homer’s The Odyssey. That would have never happened in the branch.

5. I looked at the mobile versions of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News and could find nothing on the newest Planned Parenthood video, even though it features a live baby killed for its brain.

6. When you do violence to words, you can expect violence against people.

7. I’ve been reading this huge book of interviews of the poet Seamus Heaney. At the same time I’m reading a book of Wendell Berry’s poems. Early on the two were similar. But fame changed one of them.

8. I wish my middle son liked school more because I remember disliking every single day.

9. There’s a lot of laughter at my new job. I hope I never minimize that.

10. Missy’s homemade pizza with Supper Club.